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Tammy Hine

Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian

BSc (Nutrition & Food Sc), PostgradDip (Hlth Prom), GradDip (Dietetics), MPhil (Public Health)

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Tammy is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPDwho has extensive experience in the dietary management of IBS, gastrointestinal diseases, food intolerances and weight management. Having worked in private practice settings since 2003, Tammy finds great reward in improving the quality of life of her patients through individualised dietary care.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science), Graduate Diploma (Health Promotion) and Postgraduate Diploma (Dietetics), Tammy holds a Master of Philosophy (Higher Degree by Research) and completed a thesis on the intake of iodine in pregnant women in Western Australia.  Tammy has presented results of her research at the DAA State Symposium in 2013 and the DAA National Conference in 2015. She is currently working on journal publications.

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