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Our expert Bariatric Dietitians can help with nutrition assessment, education and management for LAGB, sleeve gastrectomy and bypass surgery including:

  • Dietary change
  • Balancing nutrients
  • Eating patterns & behaviours
  • Food quality
  • Managing complications
  • Weight regain

Bariatric surgery is the first step to assist you in managing your weight in the longer term. As your surgery includes a restriction in stomach capacity and/ or a change in the way you absorb nutrients from your gut you will require dietary education and dietary behavior modification. Our bariatric dietitian will support and guide you on your journey to health.


Our bariatric dietitian at Specialised Nutrition Care has extensive experience in all weight loss surgeries and will be an important part of your education pre and post surgery. You will be guided on your weight loss journey and educated on how to change your eating patterns, your food choices and on how to manage meeting your nutritional requirements within the constraints of the procedure.

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The more you understand how the operation works and how you need to work with it the more successful you will potentially be. Key areas include:

  • Eating more slowly
  • Chewing more thoroughly and taking smaller mouthfuls of food
  • Stopping eating as soon as you feel satisfied
  • Separating eating and drinking
  • Using smaller portion sizes, utensils and crockery
  • Getting all the nutrition your body requires from a smaller quantity of food
  • Balancing nutrients and looking at food quality rather than quantity
  • Appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement intake pending the procedure you have had
  • Strategies to manage post operative complications related to eating and drinking
  • Strategies to assist you in recognising and managing eating patterns and behaviors’ that may prevent the best outcome post surgery

Breaking through the eating habits formed over many years can be hard and set backs are part of the journey. Your bariatric dietitian will be there to support and guide you as part of your team.

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